And finally, Breastfeeding documentary..


Week 13

I finally done the rough cut today and finalizing my blog assessment. Copy & paste my blog from word document to here. Why? Because I usually work at night. Our internet connection is internet prepaid so we’ve been avoiding unnecessary use. On the other hand, my husband needs the internet for his work during the day. So that’s why I’ve been saving it to word document. Troublesome.


Yet, so far the doco need to be re-edit, just to make it right and everything in the right order. I stayed up late and haven’t got any chance to finish up the end credit.


The Rough Cut

Week 12

I decided to use iMovie rather than Final Cut Pro, to troublesome for me and so many things that I don’t undertstand. iMovie is more simple, easy to use, interesting features even though not as too advance as Final Cut Pro but it is fun and I enjoy using it. Anyway, I will be following a concept of video clip of Will Smith, Just the two of us.


I was tempted of using voice over to describe the community that I been doing. Either voice over or using fade in-fade out titles. But I think, if I use voice over it will be describe-less, since I don’t have a strong English accent and I don’t want to bother other people for just filling the voice over.


News: Got an approval of the extension of time for submission from Jenny. Thanks!

Week 11, part 2

Finally done the last interview. 


I had 2 people interviewed today and it was like a road trip around Victoria. Vina, my first interview this morning, lives in Burwood and Vini lives in Roxburgh Park. I was lost when I headed to Roxburgh Park. It was 2 hours waste because I read the wrong side of the map.


Anyway, got 3 people interviewed!


However, i got a rubbish microphone of my own. Got to borrow one from Tech staff. 

Week 11

Supposed to be interview 2 people this week but one is rescheduling to next week. She has to do cervix surgery and got to stay at the hospital for recovery for 3 days. Still don’t know what day to be exact, but she said no later than Thursday.


Done the first interview with Adit and done a few of an awesome footage around Adit’s neighborhood in Maribyrnong. 

Week 10

I am happy with the mark I got for my learning contract. As Jenny said “The theoretical engagement is still a little thin.” and I know it is not enough to support my doco but I did the best I can. If I can improve on that aspect for the actual documentary, I might get a higher mark.


2 interviewee confirmed to be interview this week and next week!